Cooking with kids in lockdown

Cooking with kids in lockdown

Published by Sarah Copas on 1st Feb 2021

When the first lockdown came upon us, we briefly set about all those jobs at home that we never got to, at least we tried. We soon discovered that Covid life kept us pretty busy even though we couldn’t leave our four walls. With homeschool, work, Netflix, and trying to find a supermarket delivery, we still managed to keep surprisingly distracted. We never got round to the sourdough craze and only managed a banana bread because they turned black on the kitchen worktop.

This time around we have taken a different approach, we are not setting ourselves any expectations of completing the to do list, we’re not trying to become primary school teachers overnight, and we’re certainly not going to get as much work done. We decided to take a more thoughtful approach (as you might expect from The Thoughtful Producers). We don’t know how long it is going to last, so we’re just going to take one day at a time. We will make sure everyone tries to make their meetings, tries to do their schoolwork, tries to get some fresh air, tries to have some giggles in the day, and we’ll make sure everyone is fed.

To our surprise our 8-year-old offered to help cook supper this weekend. This was a first, and came out of the blue, so there we were in desperate need of an Ocado delivery, a nearly empty fridge and just a packet of Thoughtful Producer chicken thighs waiting for a home. Committed to not curbing his enthusiasm we opened the pantry to see what we could create and settled on a Butter Curry from a lovely blog, Anna’s Family Kitchen, that inspires us often. For our kids curry isn’t curry without naan bread but with nothing in the house we had to get creative. At the back of the cupboard we found a KNÅDA flatbread mix sourced a wee while ago from Ikea! I know, I know, but we can never resist the IKEA food shop, it is like a light at the end of the tunnel ones you have survived the maze of the showroom!

We got stuck in, measuring rice, spilling spices, kneading bread, and we cooked up a curry night storm. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t perfect, but we had fun and the food was pretty tasty too. We can tend to be a little perfectionist in the kitchen, especially when cooking our 5-star chicken, but this night was another reminder to just take life a little easier right now. We need to give ourselves a break, grab the moments of connections with our kids and loved ones, and be kinder to ourselves, a little more thoughtful perhaps.

So what’s up next time our kids return to the kitchen? Maybe we’ll head back to Anna for her Tartiflette and thoughtfully dream of the mountains and snow we’re missing so much.

Until next time …. Stay safe.

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