Kitchen kit we can’t live without

Kitchen kit we can’t live without

Published by The Thoughtful Producer on 28th Apr 2020

When The Thoughtful Team gather in the office kitchen and have their “water-cooler moment” they are more often than not discussing kitchen equipment. Their new little gadget, or their old time faithful too, nothing gets our team going quite like kitchen utensil chat!

So, in the spirit of making your cooking a little easier during #QuarantineCuisine times, here are our top ten utensils of the kitchen:

12 – At number 12 our team voted good knives. Knives can be a significant investment but a general rule of thumb is to get the best ones you afford and sharpen them regularly. We are rather partial to a Global knife but you can’t beat the price of a Kuhn Rikon paring knife.

11 – Simple chopping boards went fancy when brothers and product designers Joseph Joseph turned their heads to them in the early 2000s. We’ll forever be fans of their Index Chopping boards that store tidily on your worktop.

10 – Selecting veggies, handling spaghetti, turning steaks is all made easy with Oxo’s tongs, a firm favourite in our family kitchens.

9 – Number 9 is the investment piece, a Kitchenaid artisan mixer that is our route to bread dough and sticky mixes without the aching arms.

8 – At number 8 the Mini Magimix is another piece of kit with a bigger price tag but an invaluable addition to daily prep, speeding up chopping, mixing, and blending all day long.

7 – At number 7 is our most recent find. The MEATER thermometer that wirelessly ensures you cook perfect meat every time. It conects to your phone and is great for BBQs as well as the Sunday roast. Available to buy now in our shop.

6 – On the more gadgety side the avocado tool is surprisingly pleasing and so handy it never gets stuck at the back of the kitchen drawer.

5 – The cooks most common complaint, the lingering smell of garlic on the fingers. Although we can’t fix that downside, Oxo or Eva make crushing the garlic a squeeze, but the jury is out which style is better – you decide.

4 – The best things come in small packages. The thing we reach for every day is a natty little magic sauce whisk like this that turns a regular sauce into a creamy beauty!

3 – If your budget can’t stretch to a full Kitchenaid your arms will be forever grateful for investing in a handheld mixer to whisk up cream and batter with ease.

2 – When our eyes were opened to the world of microplanes we never looked back. Not much more to say, just treat your kitchen.

1 – The winner of our top ten has to be the humble wooden spoon. Gentle to all, easy to use, durable and a classic. No kitchen can be without a few.

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